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unFTP - The FTPS Server Application

unFTP is a FTP(S) server written in Rust and built on top of libunftp and the Tokio asynchronous run-time. It is unlike your normal FTP server in that it provides:

  • Configurable Authentication (e.g. Anonymous, PAM or a JSON file).
  • Configurable storage back-ends (e.g. GCS or filesystem)
  • An HTTP server with health endpoints for use for example in Kubernetes for readiness and liveness probes.
  • Integration with Prometheus for monitoring.
  • A proxy protocol mode for use behind proxies like HA Proxy and Nginx.
  • Structured logging and the ability to ship logs to a Redis instance.

With unFTP, you can present RFC compliant FTP(S) to the outside world while freeing yourself to use modern APIs and techniques on the inside of your perimeter.

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