You can run unFTP with a traditional file system back-end on a bare metal or virtual machine but if you're building your solutions in the cloud it would make sense to store your files in blob storage. unFTP comes with integration to Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

Using the GCS Back-end

You can enable the GCS backend by setting the storage back-end type (--sbe-type) to gcs. For storage authentication you can choose between workload identity and using a service account key file. For the former set the --sbe-gcs-service-account argument and for the latter the --sbe-gcs-key-file argument.

The storage bucket name is chosen through --sbe-gcs-bucket and the root path inside the bucket through --sbe-gcs-root.

Here is an example:

unftp \
  --sbe-type=gcs \
  --sbe-gcs-bucket=mybucket \
  --sbe-gcs-root=ftp-base \

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